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    What is your child worth?
    What is your child worth?

Stop Human Trafficking Conference

Discussions from the Stop Traffick! Conference The prostitution market in Germany is 60 times bigger than that of Sweden. How can there be such a difference? The latest research undertaken across the EU on the characteristics of people who buy sex may shed light on the issue. Gathered
Trafficked victim with a client

Human Trafficking in Ireland

  In 2009 there were 66 cases of potential and suspected victims of trafficking made to the GNIB. Of these 17 were minors, 40 were in the asylum process,15 required an immigration permission, 5 were minors in the care of the HSE and 4 were EU citizens and did not require permissi
A young girl who was rescued from human trafficking


Ivoline was at the top of her class in nursing studies at her hometown university in Cameroon. A woman from her village offered to help Ivoline complete her university degree in Europe. Ivoline and her father thought the offer was genuine and Ivoline’s father spent his entire savings